Month: October 2021

When does a pizza come out? Here’s how to predict when the next one will arrive

On Friday, Italian restaurant Vinces Pizza will finally be open.The franchisee behind Vinces, the country’s first pizza chain, says it’s the most successful of its kind.Since opening in November 2011, Vinces has expanded to eight locations across Europe and the United States.The company’s first restaurant in Britain opened in October this year.“Our goal is to […]

How to make nypd pizza from scratch

Pizza is the bread of the world, and that’s exactly what pizza shop owners around the world love to make.And while they’re not the only ones doing it, they’re probably the most popular one.Here’s how to make it at home.The pizza dough comes in a large, rectangular bag that you wrap around the pizza and […]

Fox News is working with New York Times to get pizza delivered to its office in Washington

FOX NEWS — A local pizza company is getting ready to deliver its pizza to a Fox News headquarters in the nation’s capital.The New York City-based New York Pizza Hut is working to deliver pizza from its new Washington, D.C., location to its Washington, DC, office, the New York Post reported Thursday.New York Pizza’s founder […]

When the Empire Pizza Hut launches, it will be the world’s first pizza chain to sell on-demand orders with a digital ordering system

Pizza Hut will launch an on-customer ordering system at the end of March in an effort to address a demand for a “delicious pizza” that can be delivered via social media.The first order to be placed will be $3,500 for the basic Pizza Hut menu, $3 for the standard Pizza Hut pizza and $5 for […]


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