Australian pizza maker turns its back on the pizza industry

A pizza delivery driver has turned his back on a pizza company he had been working with for about three years and is selling the pies himself.

In a recent interview with the ABC’s Insiders program, Mr Rohan, who did not wish to be named, said he had bought the pizza business at a loss of about $20,000.

The man he bought the business from is also the owner of the popular popular food blog, The Foodie.

Mr Rhanan said the loss had been hard on him and he was very unhappy about the situation.

“I was the only employee at the time and I didn’t know what to do,” Mr Ryanan said.

“So I bought it back.

I thought I would keep it but I didn, so now I am just doing it myself.”

“I am happy to see it’s been sold and I’m happy that it’s gone,” he said.

Mr Turelli said the business had been in a bad state for a while and that the company had sold off its assets, including its office.

He said the company was in a difficult financial situation and had been forced to lay off a lot of its staff.

“Our staff have lost their jobs,” he told the program.

He said he was hopeful the business could be profitable. “

We had to sell everything and we are trying to pay the bills and try to keep going.”

He said he was hopeful the business could be profitable.

The business, known as Pizza Express, had been selling pizza for a year before he bought it.

The former delivery driver said he knew he would never sell the business but said he felt a bit like a hero.

“It is not like I have lost the business or anything, but I am very proud of it,” he added.

The pizzeria was originally opened by Mr Tureslli in the early 2000s.

It was sold by the company to a group of friends in 2014.

Mr Ponce, who was also at the centre of a media storm in the past year, was paid $1.2 million by the owners of the business to help it survive.

Mr Masella, who sold Pizza Express to a Sydney company, said the news of the pizza sale was devastating.

“There is a lot that is going on with Pizza Express and I think a lot will be revealed about what went on with that,” he warned.

“And there is a big hole in the world of Australian pizza and the story of the pizzeria has gone completely out of control.”


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