Best burgers in Dublin – in pictures

Bunnings, one of the most recognisable burger chains in Ireland, has won the 2017 Best Burgers in Dublin Awards.

Bunnings has won for Best Belly Burger, Best Pesto Burger, best bun, best crust and Best Chicken Burger, the awards announced on Thursday.

Buck, another burger chain that has gained popularity over the past decade, won Best Cheeseburger, Best Sandwich and Best Cheese Burger, while others like Bunnies, Big Macs, Burger King and Papa John’s have also won.

The Best Burgery Award was given to the best burger restaurant in Dublin, based on the customer’s choice of their favourite burger.

Burgers from the likes of Jack In The Box and Paddy’s Irish Pub were nominated for Best Burgeries, while the Best Burger, Pizza and Cheesesteak also received votes.

“Our Burger Kings have been on the market for a while now, so they are the perfect pick for Dubliners to choose from,” said David Fogg, Director of Business Development at Bunnys.

“It’s great to see the quality of the burgers that are produced at Ballybunion, so we are very proud to be able to award the best in the industry to the restaurants that are working to deliver the best burgers in the city.”

Bunnys burger has also been voted for Best Burger in the Irish Restaurants category, and for the Best Burger in the UK category.


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