Fox News is working with New York Times to get pizza delivered to its office in Washington

FOX NEWS — A local pizza company is getting ready to deliver its pizza to a Fox News headquarters in the nation’s capital.

The New York City-based New York Pizza Hut is working to deliver pizza from its new Washington, D.C., location to its Washington, DC, office, the New York Post reported Thursday.

New York Pizza’s founder and CEO, John T. Bocchini, said Thursday that the company has been talking with the New Times and the White House Office of Public Affairs about a pizza delivery to the offices.

New Times spokeswoman Brooke Allen said the newspaper is “looking into” the matter, adding that the pizza delivery will occur in the next few days.

The pizza delivery comes as Fox News has struggled to make inroads in the increasingly partisan and hyperpartisan Washington.

It has been a source of frustration for many Fox News viewers, who complained about what they said were frequent attacks on the network.

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