Grandma’s Pizza Factory opens in Dublin

PIZZA FRONTLINE has obtained exclusive footage from the Grandma Pizza Factory in Dublin, the UK’s largest pizzeria and home to Grandma & Grandma.

The video was filmed by RTE’s RTE1 channel.

The grandma pizza factory in Dublin is named after a family from nearby Dungannon who owned the business and the family business was known for its large, open kitchens, a tradition which extended to its restaurants.

In the past two years, the restaurant has expanded its range to include a range of pizza styles, including Italian and traditional, as well as the pizzas most famous being Grandma, the Granddaddy and Grandma Grand.

“We want to bring that old tradition to the next level and offer our customers the best pizza in the world,” said Grandma Pizzeria owner and manager Michelle O’Brien.

The Grandma Restaurant will be one of the first in the UK to open in Dublin.

The restaurant is being constructed in a renovated brick building with the first customers arriving in December.

“The restaurant has been the envy of many families in the city of Dungannom.

We are delighted to be opening this first of its kind in Dublin,” said O’Connor.

The new restaurant will offer traditional Italian pizzas, aswell as a range that includes the Grandmama Grand, Granddaddys Grand and Granddad’s Grand.


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