How to buy the perfect pizza at the perfect price

A new pizza delivery service, Domino’s Pizza Australia, is now offering a discount on its delivery of Australian Domino to customers in the New South Wales town of Maitland.

The company is the latest in a growing number of pizza delivery businesses that have emerged to offer discounts for their customers, particularly after recent moves to the local economy.

The pizza delivery company, which operates out of the former Pizza Hut premises at Maitlands High School, is the first delivery business to be awarded a discount by Domino in the area.

Domino’s was originally offering its customers a $10 discount for delivery, but was granted a $25 discount on Thursday.

The discount applies to pizza delivered to the store from Monday to Thursday.

Dominos pizza delivery drivers will be offered a $15 discount on Friday, and a $50 discount on Saturday.

The discounts are for delivery from 5pm until 7pm on Friday and Saturday.

Domos pizza delivery has become increasingly popular with the rise in convenience of home delivery services such as Amazon Prime, which offer a $100 discount on delivery, and Domino, which recently launched its own delivery service.

The move comes after local politicians said it was time to take back Maitlanders streets and that the local council was trying to make changes to help grow the local pizza business.

The Maitlander Local Council last year gave Domino a contract for the delivery of more than 600 pies per week.

“Domino has always had a strong reputation as a reliable pizza delivery provider,” Mayor Scott Rochford said.

“Their reputation and track record is impeccable and their delivery service is the best in the region.”

The council has said it is in discussions with Domino about opening a second store in Maitlam, but is yet to determine whether the company will open an existing store.

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