How to cook a tomato without a tomato: A recipe

In the Indian tradition, jimmies pizza is traditionally served at weddings.

But this traditional tomato dish is being popular with a new group of people who want to spice up their pizza for a special occasion.

A few weeks ago, the family of a woman from Uttar Pradesh visited my house for a family dinner.

She said that she wanted to serve jimmie’s pizza, and asked if I could make it for her.

I didn’t hesitate to oblige.

 A couple of days later, I had made a jimmied pizza, the dish that she had requested, and was sharing it with her family.

The family enjoyed it.

They were also surprised by the quality of the tomato sauce, which was a big help to make the dish taste even better.

The recipe for jimmy’s pizza is simple: mix the onions and garlic in a pan with the tomato paste.

Cook for a few minutes, then stir in the tomato and the remaining spices.

Add the sauce, and serve immediately.


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