How to Get the Most Out of Pizza Source Fox News

A new report says the number of people who will spend $2,000 on pizza at a restaurant has reached a record high in 2017.

The new data, from the restaurant industry trade group Restaurant Brands and Tourism Association (RBITA), shows that in 2017, there were 8.9 million total visits to more than 1,100 pizza restaurants nationwide.

RBITA’s new report includes the most recent data from Pizza Hut, the largest pizza chain, as well as its parent company, Domino’s.

The numbers are based on a survey of nearly 2,500 restaurant operators in the United States, and RBITLA has previously cited its data in studies on the food industry.

The industry’s top-rated pizza chain and two other top-ranked chains also were in the top 10.

According to RBITFAS data, Domani’s and Pizza Hut saw the most visits to restaurants in the past three years.

The chain has been in business since 1975.

Pizza Hut reported a year-over-year increase of nearly 11% in its average daily pizza sales, according to a press release.

Pizza lovers can get a taste of the pizza chain’s pizzas at the chain’s locations across the country, with Papa John’s Pizza in the Northeast, Pizza Hut in the Midwest and Pizza Capital in the South.


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