I think we should be talking about a movie about the regina pizzas

Regina Pizza is one of the most popular pizza parlors in the country, and the company is a fixture on the New York City skyline.

Now the restaurant is facing backlash after a video of a woman being pepper sprayed while dining in her restaurant has gone viral.

In the video, which was posted to the restaurant’s Instagram account, the woman can be seen wearing a mask as she is asked to leave a pizza parlor by a woman with a gun.

In response, the owner of the restaurant tells the woman to get out of the store, and she appears to take off the mask.

The woman can then be seen on the ground outside of the pizza parroom as she gets sprayed in the face.

The owner of Regina Pizzeria in Queens, NY, is in hot water after the video went viral.

The video, uploaded to the Instagram account of Regine Pizza, shows a woman who is wearing a red mask with a mask of a masked man in the back of a white sedan.

A man in a hooded sweatshirt walks up to the woman and asks her to leave the pizza shop, saying she has a gun and “you’re gonna get shot.”

The woman then gets out of her vehicle and is sprayed in her face.

After the video was posted, a friend of the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she had been there before and that she and her friend had never experienced anything like this.

The friend also said that she had seen the woman in the video walking around outside the pizza joint before and she was not hurt in the incident.

In a statement to E!

News, the Regine Pizzas said that they were working with law enforcement and the New Yorkers Police Department to find the individual who pepper sprayed the woman.

“Regine Pizza takes this matter extremely seriously, and will cooperate fully with law-enforcement,” the statement read.

“We take the safety and well-being of our customers very seriously.

We apologize for any inconvenience this incident has caused.”

The restaurant owner, Brian Rizzuto, has denied that the woman was sprayed.

Rizzato said that the video is not authentic and that he has “no idea” who shot the woman or why she was asked to get off the premises.

Rizzi told E!

that he does not know the woman’s name and that the person was never at the restaurant before.

Riza, the restaurant owner said that police are looking into the video and that “the person responsible is not with us anymore.”

“We’re still in the process of getting the facts,” Rizzetti said.


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