‘I’m so happy’: Man gives a thumbs-up as pizza arrives at the front door

The pizza delivery guy is happy to see the pizza arrive in his driveway.

But when the delivery boy’s mother tells him that her son needs a new pair of shoes, the pizza delivery man is not so thrilled.

ABC News asked the man to explain why he thinks the delivery man, who works at a pizza restaurant in the city of Tijuana, was so happy when he got his order for a new set of shoes.

The man’s wife, who’s also a delivery driver, was also happy to help him out.

But now, the man says he is worried the new pair will break his feet.

He’s also concerned about the safety of his son, who was born with a congenital defect in the same foot.

The delivery driver told ABC News the only way the delivery guy could have gotten the new shoes is if his son was born on the wrong side of the world.

“I know it’s not good news, but I know it is good news for him, because I’m so glad he’s not here anymore,” the man said.

The first delivery driver to arrive on the scene was a woman named Maria Gonzalez.

She told ABC that she is a delivery girl who works for a pizza delivery company.

“My mom works in a bakery,” Maria Gonzalez said.

Maria Gonzalez is worried that the shoes will break her husband’s feet. “

If I’m a girl, I would have gotten a new delivery.”

Maria Gonzalez is worried that the shoes will break her husband’s feet.

“He is the first one to come,” Maria said.

Maria and her husband arrived at the pizza restaurant with their two kids in tow.

The driver was waiting in line.

He explained that his son’s shoes would need to be checked for defects.

“Because the shoes don’t fit well, we are checking for defects in them and if it’s the same shoe that they bought, we will be happy,” the driver said.

But the delivery driver said the shoes that were found to be defective were not in the right color.

Maria Gonzalez and her other delivery driver called the local police.

Police took the pair of sneakers that the delivery truck was looking for and brought them back to the pizzeria.

“The boy came and went,” Maria told ABC.

“They brought them to the pizza.

The delivery man told ABC he is happy with the shoes. “

It’s not that the boy is bad, but it’s very sad.”

The delivery man told ABC he is happy with the shoes.

But he was also concerned.

“When I look at them, they look like they don’t have any defect.

They don’t even have a hole in them,” he said.

So, the delivery worker said he is not worried about the new shoe breaking his son.

“Maybe they will be OK, but for now, they won’t,” he told ABCNews.

Maria says the delivery is a blessing for her family, but she is worried about her son’s safety.

“What if he gets injured?

He is the one who is going to pay the price,” she said.

In an effort to improve delivery, a new law passed in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, will require delivery drivers to wear GPS devices, as well as provide them with a way to communicate with customers.

“At first, the driver didn’t wear GPS, but after that, he started wearing it and the rest is history,” Maria Gonzales said.

For Maria Gonzalez, it is not just about safety, but also about giving back.

“To be a mother, I am not happy, I’m angry,” she told ABC, “but at least I know I am doing something good.”

The new law was passed to protect delivery drivers who are working in a vulnerable position and they are in the process of learning to communicate better with customers and to have better understanding of their customers.

The law, which passed in April, will be in effect for five years.

ABC’s Anna Fajardo contributed to this report.


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