Matt LeBlanc, Josh Shaw & the New York Knicks have a brand new nickname

New York is back in the news again this week.

Matt Leblanc, Matt Joyce, Josh DeLaGarza and the Knicks have come under fire for the past couple of days.

After the team announced the name change on Friday, fans went into a frenzy and demanded it be changed.

The name has now been changed.

The team is not saying what it changed, but a spokesperson did confirm that the team was working on a name change.

The team’s official website now lists the name as “The New York City Barbershop”.

Here is the full text of the tweet: The New York city barbershop.

It’s called that because it’s where the barbers work.

#NYC Barbers.

Now that’s the kind of thing you need in your life.

This is why we call it the #NYCBershop.

#PizzaPants — The New Jersey Nets (@NJNets) January 13, 2021When we originally tweeted the name, we also had a link to a video of the barber.

We don’t want to give away too much but the video is embedded below.


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