Mountain Mike’s Pizza delivers pizzas to you!

The pizza delivery service Mountain Mike Pizza has finally come to fruition, with their first deliveries set to begin today.

Mountain Mike’s, which was launched earlier this year, currently has 2,000 employees in the US and has been using their existing fleet of delivery trucks to deliver pizza to customers.

The service will also be able to deliver to a growing number of locations in Canada, including the Vancouver and Toronto areas.

As you might imagine, Mountain Mike has had a tough time finding the perfect location for their current fleet.

According to the company, the service is currently in the process of purchasing a new truck to bring to the Mountain Mike brand, but they are currently not sure when they will be able add a new delivery service.

“With the new truck, we’ll be able expand our delivery service, and we’ll continue to build our business to better serve our customers,” Mountain Mike CEO Ben Jones said.

What do you think about Mountain Mike, its new pizza delivery services, and what do you love about Mountain Pizza?

Share your thoughts below.


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