Ontario’s Westshore pizza to open in Regina

Regina, Ontario (AP) The owners of the Westshore Pizza and Beer Company in Regina, which is one of two breweries in the country that produce its signature Regina pizza on the west coast, are planning to open a second restaurant in the Regina area.

The restaurant will be named Regal Pizza, and the menu will be similar to its namesake restaurant in Regina.

The Westshore founders said they are excited to open the second restaurant, which will be located at 1530 W. Regina Rd.

Seth Burchill, the co-founder of the company, said Regal will be a family-owned business and the restaurant will offer traditional West Coast fare.

The company plans to have a full menu of West Coast food at the restaurant, with a seasonal menu of seasonal beers and other local food items.

It will also have a restaurant on the roof of the new building.

Regal Pizza is the only North American brewery to be licensed by the Ontario Beer and Wine Board, which allows brewers to produce and sell beer in Ontario.

The brewery has been producing beers under the name Regal since 2013 and was awarded the Ontario Craft Beer Industry Award in 2017.

Rega Pizza has become a popular place for beer lovers to gather in downtown Regina, where it serves up a range of regional and craft brews, including local and international beers.

The Regina restaurant will also offer beer on tap, a menu with more than 100 regional beers and a rotating selection of wine from the province.


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