Pizza Hut is closing for good

Next Big Futures article Pizza Hut has announced plans to close its doors, saying it’s “deeply saddened” by the “vito” pizza chain’s decision to close.

“We know many of you are still in the ovens of the past, and we wish you well as you search for new options to enjoy your loved ones and take advantage of our fast, affordable delivery,” the company wrote in a statement.

“But, after months of discussion, it has become clear that vito is the right path for us and our customers.”

Pizza Hut has been under fire from customers who say they don’t want the chains gluten free pizzas.

In a letter to customers, the company’s owner told them that “we’ve been working hard to create a healthier, more delicious and fresher pizza experience, and that’s exactly what we intend to continue to deliver with Vito.”

The chain has long been criticized for its food choices, with the pizza chain having to defend itself against a petition asking it to remove its gluten free offerings.

The company is now reportedly trying to come to terms with the controversy.


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