Pizza Inn owner says he ‘had no idea’ he was targeted by police

A pizza parlour owner who owns an inn in Melbourne’s north-east has described the incident as “very, very unpleasant”.

Key points:Owner of a pizza inn says police had approached him to ask him for information on a murder caseThe owner says police contacted him to inquire about his business’s property management planThe owner has said he had no idea the officers had been calledAbout 15 people, including his family, had been arrested at the time, but were released shortly afterwardsThe owner of Pizza Inn in Melbourne, who is also the owner of the pub at which the officers were arrested, said the incident was “very unpleasant” and he was “totally shocked”.

He said he was in the business “for 25 years” and was “not going to take any crap from anyone” when he was approached by police in October.

“We’ve been around the block quite a few times and had a lot of good times.”

It was really strange.

I don’t know why I was approached.

I didn’t know there was anything out there,” Mr Cusimano said.”

The police asked me if I had any information on this case, and I said ‘no, I have no idea about that’.

“I don’t think I had ever heard of anyone being asked for anything like that, or being approached for information.”

He said the police told him the matter was under investigation and that there would be no further comment.

Mr Cusimmano said he would not be going back to work at the pub.

He said when he returned to the business he was not told of the incident, and when he asked about the police inquiry he was told they had contacted him for more information.

“I was very shocked,” he said.

The owner said he told the officers to go away but they refused.

“When I went back to the office and they came in and asked for more details, I said I wasn’t interested in answering anything,” he added.

“They left.

I was quite upset about that.”

Mr Cunemano said it was important to protect the business’s reputation and that the incident had been handled appropriately.

“My main concern was the safety of the business,” he explained.

“What I was really concerned about was the reputation of the place.

I really don’t want it to be damaged or any other people to be concerned.”



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