Pizza is back in the news

It’s been a rough year for pizza in Italy, but it’s back, according to a report from The Wall St. Journal.

It’s the fourth consecutive year the Italian-American pizza company has been named the best-selling pizza in America, and the first time it’s been that good for more than two decades.

The report cites Nielsen data, which found the pizza is still on the rise, despite some declines in recent years.

It says that more than a third of the population eats pizza every day, compared with around a quarter in 2015.

It also cites pizza sales growth of 12% in 2017, up from the 7% growth the industry had seen over the previous two years.

The pizza industry’s strong growth has also helped the company grow revenue, which in 2017 topped $1.3 billion.

But that was not enough to offset the costs of rising labor costs, which were forecast to hit 1.7% of Italy’s gross domestic product by 2021.

The company has also been criticized for not paying its employees enough, with its workers making up less than half of its workforce in Italy.

In 2017, the company raised its minimum wage by 30% to $5.60 an hour, up to $10 an hour in some parts of Italy, the WSJ reported.


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