Pizza places, milanos, pizza: the most expensive places in the world

Pizza places have become a staple of the global food chain.

But the price tag could be even higher than you might expect.

Here are some of the world’s most expensive pizza places.


Milanos Pizza – $3.1 billionMilanos is one of the largest pizza restaurants in the US and Europe.

The restaurant has been in business since 1879 and has been the subject of several lawsuits.

However, the Italian company is worth more than $3 billion.

Its location in Los Angeles has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Villa de Oro Pizza – US$3.6 billionLocated on a main street in the Spanish city of Oviedo, Villa de Oro is the biggest pizzeria in the United States.

It is the largest in Spain, the fourth-largest in the European Union, and one of three in the entire world with a total population of more than six million.

The restaurants mainstay is the Veal.

The beef is marinated with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.


Salisbury Steakhouse – $4.3 billionSalisbury’s flagship restaurant in New York is worth about $4 billion.

The steakhouse opened in 1958, and is the oldest restaurant in the country.

The menu is based on the Middle Eastern cuisine and includes everything from the famous Middle Eastern sandwich and the famous Italian beef and cheese pizza.


Mimi’s – US $4 millionMimi is a well-known Japanese chain of sushi restaurants.

Its menu includes dishes like the signature Miso Miso, which features a sweet, salty and savory sauce that can be added to a variety of dishes.


Dirty Harry’s – $6.3 millionThe popular Harry’s restaurant in Las Vegas has a very expensive price tag.

Its the third-largest restaurant in Nevada, and the fifth-largest city in the state.

The $6 million restaurant has a rooftop bar and dining room.


Pizza Bistro – US


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