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Zeeks Pizza, Casey’s Pizza, and the first ever pizza made with a Raspberry Pi 2 chip

A new pizza-making tool was unveiled by Zeeks and Casey’s pizza in San Diego.The company says it’s the first to create a pizza using a Raspberry Pis chip, and its breadcrumbs are made from a Raspberry pi.It was announced at the Zeeks’ annual Pizza Maker’s Weekend event.Zeeks is using a chip-enabled Raspberry Pi 3 computer […]

Why ‘the president should be happy about the bill’

President Donald Trump has signed a bill that would slash taxes for most Americans, and it’s now in his hands.Here are some of the highlights of the bill.1.The President’s tax cuts are already in place2.Trump’s tax relief will only benefit wealthy Americans3.Only a handful of millionaires will benefit4.The bill would eliminate the estate tax5.Only wealthy […]

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