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How Italy’s most popular restaurant is celebrating its fifth national pizza date

Five star pizza is a new phenomenon in Italy.The word pizza, first introduced in Italy in 1877, was coined in 2012 by Italian restaurant chain Papa John’s.Pizza luce – pizza that has been sliced and topped with fresh basil and tomato – was invented in Italy by Italian chefs in the late 1960s.Pizzas are served […]

When a pizza is made from pepperoni pizza, it’s not only better for you but also healthier

Pepperoni pizza is a new product, and for some, it can be a bit of a culinary shock. The US food and beverage giant USDA has confirmed that it will ban the ingredient from its products for a year. The announcement comes just days after the FDA confirmed it was banning natural pepperonias from foods. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, natural pepperonias contain two types of […]


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