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A group of college students wants to rename a house after the man who was fatally struck by lightning in Palermo, California

Posted September 24, 2018 08:54:57 In a letter to the mayor of Palermmo, the students at the University of California at Palermos say the name is too close to the name of a deceased friend and that it “is in direct conflict with his image.”“We have chosen to renounce the name Blaze Pizza and replace […]

What happened at the Westside Pizza Hut in Palermo?

Now Playing: ‘Pizza Hut’ stars reveal their ‘real’ story of their time on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Now Playing ‘Grey’ star Peter Dinklage tells the story of a family of four Now Playing What is ‘Grey?’?Now Playing “Grey’s” new star Ian Somerhalder talks about growing up as an actor Now Playing How ‘Grey’: What’s next for ‘Grey’?Now […]

Why I’m a rockstar at rockstar dining

I love pizza, but when I say I love rockstar I’m not joking.And I love the rockstar part.My new favorite pizza restaurant is the Rocky’s Pizza in Neapolitans Rock, California, and it’s the epitome of rockstar pizza.The Rocky’s menu is loaded with classics, including classic pizza, mac and cheese, and mac and potatoes, and is […]

Why the ‘little italy’ pizza in New York’s Palermo may be the best thing to come out of New York City for a while!

Palermio, a popular Italian restaurant and restaurant in New Jersey, was featured in a 2014 article about the state of the pizza industry in New England.The article was based on data from the company’s website.The article stated that PalermiOs popularity is due to its “unparalleled service and excellent quality.”However, the article noted that the “little […]

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