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Pepperoni pizza comes to Australia via New Zealand

A new pizza chain, Pepperoni Pizza, has opened a new restaurant in New Zealand.The pizzeria, Pepperonis, will offer pizza and salads.The menu includes sandwiches, burgers and pizza rolls.The restaurant is based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and will be open from January to June.It opened in the United Kingdom in March, with a two-year stint […]

The best pizza in Australia

More than half of Australia’s restaurants are rated out of 10 by TripAdvisor, the travel and dining website, and some are considered “underperforming” and “not as good as others”.A survey of Australia by Tripadvisor and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found the average pizza rating on TripAdvisors is “4.5” out of five.TripAdvisor’s Pizza Rating […]

When a pizza is made from pepperoni pizza, it’s not only better for you but also healthier

Pepperoni pizza is a new product, and for some, it can be a bit of a culinary shock. The US food and beverage giant USDA has confirmed that it will ban the ingredient from its products for a year. The announcement comes just days after the FDA confirmed it was banning natural pepperonias from foods. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, natural pepperonias contain two types of […]


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