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Pizza Palace in Hawaii’s Hawaiian Pizza Palace has a secret location

HONOLULU — Pizza Palace, which is located in Honolulu’s popular Hilo neighborhood, has a new location in the Pearl District, with a new menu and a new theme.The Pearl District in Honolulu is a small neighborhood that is often crowded and the location at Pizza Palace is a bit different than most other locations, but […]

‘A bit like the next generation’: How ‘pizza’ changed from humble dish to national obsession

The Australian Food and Wine Council says it will be pushing for a national pizza convention to take place in 2018 and to give Australia’s pizza lovers more access to the world’s best.Key points:The council says the national pizza-growing season will start in 2019The council has already received more than 10,000 applications for a conventionThe […]

Why I’m a rockstar at rockstar dining

I love pizza, but when I say I love rockstar I’m not joking.And I love the rockstar part.My new favorite pizza restaurant is the Rocky’s Pizza in Neapolitans Rock, California, and it’s the epitome of rockstar pizza.The Rocky’s menu is loaded with classics, including classic pizza, mac and cheese, and mac and potatoes, and is […]

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