The UK’s pizza hut website is in the red

A website called Pizza Hut is offering a “red” pizza hut in Westshore.

The pizza hut is only open on Monday, October 2, and is only available in West Shore, but it’s only available to order online and not at your local Pizza Hut restaurant.

If you do decide to eat there, you will be charged for a delivery.

A Pizza Hut spokesperson told the Guardian that the website was not offering a red pizza hut, but the “red-themed” pizza Hut is “currently offering a limited range of pizza in limited locations around the UK”.

“We are not currently offering a pizza hut at the moment, but we will do so in the future,” the spokesperson added.

In the meantime, you can order online from Pizza Hut’s Pizza Hut UK website.

It’s unclear whether Pizza Hut will offer a red-themed pizza hut again in the near future.

A spokeswoman for Pizza Hut told the BBC it was not in the business of offering red-theme pizzas.

Pizza Hut did not respond to our request for comment.


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