When Will the NBA Start Playing NBA 2K17?

With NBA 2k17 just around the corner, gamers are in for a bit of a wait.

However, there are a few games in the works that will finally get a chance to hit shelves.

According to an IGN interview, the first game in this series will debut at E3 this year. 

If you haven’t heard of NBA 2ku, that’s because it’s been in development for some time. 

The game was originally developed by Rockstar Games and was announced at E03 last year.

The game was also released at a couple of other gaming events, and a few months later it was finally made available on consoles. 

This was a huge leap forward for the series, as it became the first NBA 2.0 title to ever get the NBA 2ks name. 

In terms of a release date, we have no information, but it will probably be around the same time that NBA 2 on PS4 and Xbox One will be released. 

NBA 2k18 is expected to be released sometime in 2019, which would be the same year that the game will finally hit stores. 

For more info on the game, check out our NBA 2 K17 coverage. 

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