Which country has the highest percentage of restaurants in debt?

In this installment of Time’s new “In Debt” series, we take a look at how the United States ranks.

The U.S. is one of the world’s most indebted countries.

That’s thanks to the fact that the nation has spent billions of dollars on health care, education and infrastructure.

But there’s a catch: It’s also one of its largest debtors, with the country having the highest share of its businesses, which means the debt burden has grown faster than the economy.

We also take a deeper dive into some of the big trends affecting the U.M. economy, from rising interest rates to a widening trade gap.

As a country, the U, as a whole, is in debt.

That means that the average household owes $3,917, or $1,818 a month.

That figure is the highest in the world, ahead of Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

This is partly due to the U’s large trade deficit and low per capita income.

But it also reflects other factors: a high percentage of the nation’s businesses are debt-ridden, with one-third of U.s businesses having defaulted on their loans and another third owing more than $1 billion in debt to the federal government.

So why does the U so often rank as one of Europe’s most debt-riddled nations?

Here’s a look.

As the chart below shows, U.N. debt, which is used as a benchmark to measure how much money is owed to the United Nations, is on the rise in the United Kingdom and Italy.

This has been particularly true in the last decade.

The U.K. has the most U.n. debt per capita at $15,086 and Italy is second with $11,826.

This could be attributed to a mix of factors, including the rise of the Internet, as well as growing interest rates in the U., which have contributed to higher borrowing costs.

It’s not just the U that has been affected by the U-6 recession, either.

Germany and Austria have also been hit hard by the economic downturn, which has pushed down consumer spending and forced them to cut back.

As a result, they’ve also been the most indebted of the European countries.


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