Which is your favourite pizza Hut?

Clici Pizza Hut, known for their pies and chicken wings, recently added an additional $15 per person to its base rate, bringing its total to $16.99 per person.

However, the deal only applies to its core menu items, such as the Chicken Wing Sandwich, which is $14.99.

For those who prefer the more traditional Pizza Hut Sandwich, there’s still the Pizza Hut Chicken Wing Wrap, which comes in at $15.99 and the Chicken Wings with Gravy, which goes for $19.99 for three.

That brings the total cost of a Clicis Pizza Hut meal to $24.99 (or $19 each of them).

You’ll also find the pizza hut’s signature “Buckwheat-Seared Chicken Sandwich” for $14 each.

While there’s no word on when this deal will expire, it’ll be interesting to see if the number of new customers will continue to grow as the company expands.

Clici’s deal isn’t the only new thing the pizza chain has been offering over the last year.

In February, the company added the “Granola & Co” menu item to its menu, which included a $10 off discount on their bread.

Also in February, Clicia opened a store in Las Vegas, where customers can now order their own pizza.

As for when you can expect to see more pizza from the chain?

We’ll keep you posted.


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