Which pizza restaurant in NYC is the best pizza restaurant?

New York City’s best pizza restaurants have become a lot more crowded since the Great Recession, and many have closed.

Now, we’ve added another name to that list: Mystic Pizza.

The chain started in New York, but it’s been expanding to other parts of the world, like Australia and Israel.

It started in Brooklyn in 2004, but moved to Staten Island and Queens in 2008.

It moved to San Francisco in 2011, but closed in 2014.

Its new location, in the Bronx, opened in February 2018.

In addition to Mystic Pizza, we found some other New York-area pizza joints to add to the list: The Flamingo, The Delano, and St. Croix Pizza.

We tried a few new places around town and found they were all worth a try.

Check out our list of the best New York pizza restaurants.

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