Which pizza restaurants are worth your hard-earned cash?

A new study by Axios has found that the best-rated pizza restaurants in the United States are all the same across the country.

That includes those in the Northeast and West, as well as the Midwest, where the chain that is known as Papa John’s Pizza is headquartered.

Here are the best and worst-rated Papa Johns pizza restaurants, according to the new study:The study by The Restaurant Association of America, an industry group, found that New York’s iconic Papa John is the highest-rated restaurant, earning a score of 85.8, according the scorecard.

That’s more than double the score of 89.8 for Boston’s The Boston Pizza Company, which also serves as a Pizza Hut subsidiary.

That same ranking goes to Philadelphia’s Pizza Hut, which comes in at 79.9.

In Texas, Houston’s Pizza Ranch is at 70.8.

The scorecard also ranks the scores of each of the three pizza chains owned by New York-based Papa John.

According to the rankings, Papa John owns franchises in New Jersey, Delaware, California and Florida, with three franchises in the New York City area.

Papa John’s operates franchises in California, Florida, Arizona, New York, and Nevada.

The company is owned by billionaire Peter Lewis, who is also the chairman of Papa John, which is also a Pizza Holdings Corp. subsidiary.

In addition to New York and Philadelphia, the study also ranked the scores for five other locations:Atlanta’s The Pie Company, a Papa John franchisee, is ranked at 73.9, and is owned and operated by Pizza Hut franchisee Anthony Bourdain.

Chicago’s La Palina Pizza is at 72.7, and Chicago Pizza is ranked 73.3.

In California, San Diego’s Pizza Bar is at 69.3, and Los Angeles’s Pizza Deli is at 68.7.

The study also looked at the ratings of each franchise’s menu.

The top-ranked pizza in each location was the highest scored by the study, at 84.2, followed by Papa John at 81.6, La Paliata at 80.9 and the Pizza Hut at 80, followed closely by Papa Joe’s at 78.4.

The rankings also ranked each franchise by how many people frequent the restaurant each week.

The study found that Papa John has more than 10 million visits per week, followed behind by La Paliniata with 7.3 million visits, followed only by Pizza Ranch with 6.6 million visits.

The report was written by David H. Greenberg, a professor of marketing and business at Indiana University and a former restaurant consultant.

Greenberg is the author of the 2013 book The Best Pizza: How to Eat at Your Favorite Restaurants.

The report has been produced by The Roca Group, which was founded by Greenberg in 2005.

The Rocas Group has also partnered with Papa John on the marketing campaign for its brand of Pizza Hut pizzas.

The best-ranked restaurants include:• The pizza chain’s flagship Papa John Grill in Brooklyn, New Jersey.

The restaurant has the highest score, at 83.3• The Papa John-owned La Palia Pizza and Pizza Delicatessen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which has more restaurants than any other pizza joint.

La Palias restaurant is the second-highest-rated Pizza Restaurant in the U.S., behind only Chicago Pizza Ranch.• La Palinias flagship restaurant, La Pizzeria Delicato in New York.

The chain has been rated the third-best restaurant in the country for 10 years.• The first Papa John restaurant in Chicago, the La Piesas Pizza Shop, in Chicago.

The pizza shop is the fifth-highest ranked restaurant in America, according a recent study by the New Yorker Magazine.•The second Papa John Pizza, La Parco, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The La Pietas Restaurant is the third highest-ranked restaurant in Minnesota, according an annual report by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.•La Pia’s Pizza in New Orleans, Louisiana, has a score above 80 on the study.

The first restaurant in Louisiana, La Pelones Pizza, opened in 1993 and has become a destination for local and national celebrities and tourists alike.

The other pizza chains in the study were the Papa John chain and La Palinas, which includes La Palines, the first Pizza Ranch in Chicago and the first in St Louis.

Pizza Hut and Papa John have both recently been accused of human rights abuses in Mexico, with the U-T’s investigation of the chains reported in January.


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