Which pizza shops in London have the best secret sauce?

More than 20 shops in the capital have been given a secret sauce for their pies, according to a survey of thousands of foodies.

The UK’s biggest pizza chain Pizza Hut has been named as the UK’s best pizza bar, according the survey.

The Pizza Hut website said the sauce was “designed to enhance flavour, texture and nutrition”.

The survey of more than 20,000 people was conducted by food blog Taste of London, which is based in central London.

It said the secret sauce was made from a mix of olive oil, garlic, paprika, mustard, cumin, cayenne pepper and salt.

It added that it was made by using a “local artisan recipe”.

“This sauce was created with a mix from local artisan producers.

The secret sauce is also used for flavour and texture, making it a perfect complement to traditional Italian food,” the website said.

The poll also asked: “Which is your favourite Italian-style pizza shop in London?”

The survey results were published on Wednesday by the London-based site Taste of UK.

It says the survey found that “a majority of the top-selling pizzerias were in London, with four in ten being in the East End”.

It said Pizza Hut had topped the list with “the best secret” sauce, while “others that topped the survey included Parma, Pizza Bistro, Pizza Pizza, and Pizza Deli”.

“Pizza Hut is the UK leader in secret sauce production, producing its own secret sauce, which was a big hit with us,” the blog said.

“Pizzeria Parma is one of our favourite restaurants in London and we would love to see it re-opening soon, if only to share our favourite secret sauce with our London friends.”

The secret ingredients include olive oil from the Mediterranean region, paprikas, garlic from Italy, papery spices and mustard from France. “

We make the secret sauces in small batches and the sauces are then sent to our suppliers, where they use them to flavour the pizzas and sauces that are served to our customers.”

The secret ingredients include olive oil from the Mediterranean region, paprikas, garlic from Italy, papery spices and mustard from France.

The blog added that the secret recipe used was “based on a simple recipe from a local artisan”.

“We believe that if you’re a lover of good pizza and you love secret sauce and want to give your pizza a new twist, we’ve got the sauce for you,” it said.

Taste of Britain, which also has a blog about pizza, said that Pizza Hut and other London-area pizza restaurants “have been consistently the best in terms of customer satisfaction and customer service”.

The Pizza Shack chain has been in the news recently for the company’s controversial decision to sell a “super bowl” of frozen pies, which it claimed would not cause the risk of a coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesman for the chain said it was not the “ultimate secret sauce” but said it would not be available for purchase in stores.


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