Why does Master Pizza have to have a logo?

By now you’ve probably been following the news about Master Pizza’s new logo, which is a stylized pizza, which was announced at the end of last year.

Now it looks like Master Pizza has been able to pull it off by using a similar font to the one that’s been used for the past few years.

According to the website, Master Pizza created the font in 2013 to make sure that the brand is legible and doesn’t look too much like a traditional pizza, but the logo design has changed a bit in recent years, and now the brand’s trying to incorporate a bit more of a new look to it.

The new logo has four vertical lines and a large white rectangle on the right side, while the logo’s main elements have been reduced to four small rectangles.

The brand’s new font also looks a bit less like the old one, and has been simplified to fit the new logo.

Master Pizza’s brand has been steadily growing in popularity and has expanded into new territories around the world.

In 2017, the pizza chain acquired a restaurant called the Pizzeria La Perla, which it plans to turn into a full-fledged pizza chain.

It plans to add a new location in Chicago and another in Austin in 2019.


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