Zeeks Pizza, Casey’s Pizza, and the first ever pizza made with a Raspberry Pi 2 chip

A new pizza-making tool was unveiled by Zeeks and Casey’s pizza in San Diego.

The company says it’s the first to create a pizza using a Raspberry Pis chip, and its breadcrumbs are made from a Raspberry pi.

It was announced at the Zeeks’ annual Pizza Maker’s Weekend event.

Zeeks is using a chip-enabled Raspberry Pi 3 computer to make its pizza, which it says will be available for the general public on August 26.

The Pi is a relatively low-cost, low-power, low power computer with an integrated processor and memory, similar to those used by Amazon and Google.

The Raspberry Pi’s hardware has already been proven useful in several food applications, including baking bread.

The pizza maker says it plans to release the pizza through a pre-order campaign starting next week, and Zeeks plans to ship the product to consumers in late September.

The pizzas are available for preorder on Zeeks website.

[Tech Insider]


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